25.09.2016 г.

Memories from Lefkada, Greece

Well, finally I am here in Sofia, back from my holiday in Greece. Really was amazing. I am so inspired from this traveling. I saw so much great places that I don't want to leave, but after more that a week I am at home again. Last Saturday I fly to Athens and in the same go with bus to Lefkada. That travel was around 5-6 hours. Was not so long trip to Lefkada, because the views were amazing and I watched all the time from the window. When I see the weather forecast I saw that will rain many, but fortunately don't rain, only one day and I was happy that I will see the beauty of that island. Lefkada is a really great place, have administrative city were I was and other small cities that are amazing. I travel many in this island. The public transport is not expensive and you can see everything for less money. The tickets started from 1.80 euro to 3.80 euro, the prices are different because of the distance. Sometimes I saw two cities on one day, go to the beach in the morning and in the evening go to taverna (greek restaurant). I was in Greece before 5 or 6 years, but was very fast trip and don't see many. Now I am happy that I saw a beauty of Greece and I love it.

Agios Nikitas, Lefkada

Look at this beautiful street of Agios Nikitas. I am in love at this town.

Agios Nikitas is my favorite. So nice village in Lefkada.  It is a small beach resort, situated on the northwestern coast, 10 km southwest of Lefkada city.

When you see it you'll love!

Near to the village is the famous Milos beach. We walked up and over the hill which took around 20-30 minutes and the views were spectacular.  Milos beach is one of the best beaches I ever been on. . It has both the view and the water for swimming, it is not very crowded as it is still a "wild" beach and it is a mixture of sand and pebbles and it is easy to find a comfortable place to laid down.

Again the beauty of the streets in Agios Nikitas.

Again beautiful street, but this time in the city of Lefkada.

The port ot Lefkada.

Have so tasty things for eating. The thing you should buy is olive oil!

Lovely café in Lefkada..

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