8.11.2016 г.

Sunday is day for...

I was busy these weeks and I haven't time for blogging, but today I have time for myself and was really good day spent with my friend Rossi.

First... we choose to go in one amazing restaurant...very popular here in Sofia.

"MADE IN BLUE", street "Yuri Venelin"6

Away from the heart of touristy Sofia, located in a side street in a "real neighbourhood", this place has it all: relaxed atmosphere, friendly service, cool decoration, a nice front yard... and, most important, a great - and surprising - menu.
We order calamari and salad with goat cheese... mmm yummy...

Secondly... we went to one popular bar in Sofia, at the center again, but just for a coffee. 
There have a really good atmosphere, nice music and cozy interior. 

"ONE MORE BAR", street "Tsar Shishman" 12

1. The place were I bought  "MEKITSA AND COFFEE", street "Graf Ignatiev" 8. This is bulgarian kind of waffle with chocolate or whatever you like.
2.New magazine for November "Harper's Bazaar". Pink autumn.
3-4. The beautiful bar/cafe "ONE MORE BAR"

1. Picture from the blue house, where is situated the restaurant "MADE IN BLUE".
2. Sundae chocolate from LINDT.
3. Random picture from the menu at restaurant "MADE IN BLUE" .
4. Picture from the food.. ohhh my ... calamari.

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