30.11.2016 г.

Through My Phone ★ Week 48

Wow it is the last day of November. Can you believe it?!? Tomorrow will be December- the last month of the year...
 It was a great month for me full with many emotions. 

Two days before the snow came in Sofia. Was like in fairy tale and was raining with hours. I was at work and look what happend from the window. The cold weather came and the temperatures fall. I don't like the winter but I like the snow. I don't like to wear so many clothes. How to look amazing as you are wearing so many clothes? It is really hard. It is sad ... But let's look on the bright side... after some months will be hot! haha

1. Monday morning tea at work. Drinking "Yogi tea" (Detox). I like it very much. Try it!
2.Time for me with december issue from Harper's Bazaar Bulgaria and coffee.
3. I bought new coat from MANGO. The filling is 50% grey duck feat and 50% grey duck down, which means warm for me.
4. SNOW, SNOW, SNOW! Finally! I was at lunch break and did this picture. 

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