11.11.2016 г.

Waiting for...

I am so ready for the weekend. I still have no idea what i will do but i love weekendsss....

I am so excited for the upcoming winter season. 
 I love to have snow and to see christmas decoration everywhere. But before it I expect the Deutscher Weihnachtsmarkt Sofia !
There have so delicous food, like: wurst, bratwurst, gingerbreads, pretzels and so on... I love the atmosphere there... you feel like you are in Germany, Austria or other countries with christmas markets. 
Will open after one week and i can't believe that one year passed.

Will share with you some winter photos from the beautiful Bulgaria, the place is named Cigov Chark (near to the city Batak). It is a small village with cute small houses. The nature there is amazing and when have snow it is unbelievable. 

Are you ready for the winter?
Me: YES!


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