13.01.2017 г.

My week via Iphone

Pictures from this week:

 All pictures are from the Restaurant Kitchen Bar, Thessaloniki. 

Kitchen Bar is located within the area of Thessaloniki's port, a location that offers a really unique view of Thessaloniki's coast line. There is simply no other cafe, bar, restaurant that can offer this view of the city, so in that respect it is really unique and worth visiting. The venue combines a coffee shop, bar, restaurant and drinks bar and restaurant upstairs offering lots of space for families and friends in more numerous groups. The venue also offers the possibility to sit outside directly by the sea which is the best option during summer time if you want to enjoy your coffee or drink - or lunch/dinner - with the best view of the city.

Cafe/Bar Salotto 45, Thesalloniki

A really nice place, very cozy and nice athmosphere. 

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